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Functions of the Department

• Responsible for distribution of water to all the citizens within the municipal board area
• Ensuring undisturbed supply of water to the consumers
• Repair and maintenance of distribution system
• Maintain the records relating to water supply including financial record, bill, payments etc
• operate and manage the supply of water by mobile tankers as in when required

List of Staff Members

Sl No Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri. J.B.Lyngdoh Superintendent 9863024481
2 Shri. L.Nongbet W.W.I. 9863066029
3 Shri. G.M. Lyngdoh W.W.I. 9774656381
4 Shri. W.M.Lyngdoh W.W.I. 9089021677
5 Shri. S. Khongwir W.W.I. 9862215058