Functions of Accounts Department

  • Responsible for preparation of budget
  • Responsible for authorizing all payments after due diligence
  • Responsible for maintaining registers for assets and liabilities of the SMB
  • Responsible for Physical verification and valuation of SMB assets and liabilities
  • Responsible for accounting all receipts & payments of SMB
  • Responsible for assisting the internal and external auditors
  • Responsible for exercising internal controls
  • Responsible for maintain the stores and stock

Financial Statements

Department Staff

Sl No Name Designation Phone Number email
1. Smti B Suiam Accountant 9863114963
2. Smti. P. Blah Cashier    
3. Shri. M. Shylla Accounts Asstt 9856000512  
4. Shri.P.Thongni UDA 9863092496  
5. Shri.P.Kharwanlang UDA 9863097049  
5. Shri.J.Marbanlang LDA 9863116357  
6. Shri D.Ranee LDA 8575702848  

Rest there are 3 peons in the accounts department.