Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to License Department

What is the process for allotment of a stall?
Applicant has to submit the form for allotment of stalls to be supported by the Residential Certificate and EPIC. However, considerations shall be made depending on the availability of vacant stalls.

What is the process to have a license for commercial establishment?
Applicant has to submit the application in the prescribed form duly counter signed by the house owner and supported by the documents like nationality certificate, municipal tax pay receipt and rough sketch of the location of the shop.

How to bid for the Public toilets, Parking places/lots?
Open tenders are generally invited and the comparative statement of all the tenders are being sent to Government for approval.

What is an annual fee for the above mentioned licenses?
The fee varies for different types of trades. The fee chart is given here

How much time is taken to obtain the trade license?
The time taken for obtaining the trade license from the date of submission of complete application is 7-10 days

How to obtain a dog tag?
Applicant should submit the anti-rabies certificate of the current year to the license department and payment of INR 100/- per tag. Time taken to the obtain the tag is 15 mins from the time of submission of the anti-rabies certificate