• To develop and maintain proper sanitation all across the city.
• To launch a special drive for cleanliness in the city during festivals.
• To help localities and non-Municipal localities during their cleaning drive by providing them labours, transport and machinery things
• To maintain the cleanliness of the storm water drains and to ensure that the sewage is not discharged into the drain
• To dispatch cesspool cleaner as in when requested for

List of Staff members:

The Department consists of two set of staff i.e. Field staff and office staff

Office Staff (Transferable) - The office staff maintain the personal file of the field staffs.

Sl No Name Designation Phone Number
1 Smti B. Laloo U.D.A (0364) 2224850
2 Smti R. Tariang Conservancy Supervisor  
3 Shri B. Thabah L.D.A  
4 Smti K. Syiem L.D.A  
5 Smti P. Khyriem Peon  
6 Shri K. Rngad Peon  


Field Staff: Senior Sanitary Inspector/ Sanitary Inspector/Conservancy Supervisor as mentioned below are the incharge/supervisor to look after the field staff in their respective areas.

Sl No Name Designation Phone
1 Shri Kashmir Singh SSI 9863433483
2 Shri P. Kharmudai SSI 9856084130
3 Shri K. Shangpliang SSI 9863020459
4 Shri P. Marwein SI
5 Shri E.C. Jyrwa SI 9856071754
6 Shri P. Kharkongor SI 9612707705
7 Shri P. Syiemiong SI 9863020459
8 Shri A. Khongsngi
9 Shri I. Sohiong
10 Shri C. Slong
11 Shri M. Lyngdoh
12 Shri L. Sohtun
13 Shri A. Umdow W.W.I. 9863061285


Field Staff :

Designation Number
Driver 11 Nos
Head Jamendar 6 nos
Sweepers 39 nos.
Lorry Attendant 33 nos
Mazdoors 38 nos.
Trenching ground/mazdoor 4 nos
Head mechanic 1 No.
Auto Electrician 1 No.
Mechanic 1. No