Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to Water Works Department

How to obtain a water connection?
By submitting an application in the prescribed form and duly recommended by the Headman/Rangbah Shnong. Also supported with the receipt of up to date tax payed. Time taken to the obtain the connection could be within 1-2 weeks from the date of submission of complete application

What is to be done if a household is not getting enough water, No Water, Bad quality water or if there are any pipe leakages?
You can register your complain to the water works department by making a phone call or by submitting a written complain to the department. The time taken to resolve the issue is 24 hours provided there is a breakdown in the individual distribution system/pipe connection. However, If there is a breakdown in the main transmission lines then the same might take around 2-3 days

How to obtain water through water tankers?
In case of request of water tankers, the service is provided within 12 hours of the request. The applicant has to make a make application in the prescribed form and pay the fees as follows.

Tanker Capacity (Litre) Area Rate (INR)
6000 -7000 Within SMB 700
6000 -7000 Outside SMB 1100
4000 Within SMB 600
4000 Outside SMB 800