Functions of the Department

• Responsible for distribution of water to all the citizens within the municipal board area
• Ensuring undisturbed supply of water to the consumers
• Repair and maintenance of distribution system
• Maintain the records relating to water supply including financial record, bill, payments etc
• operate and manage the supply of water by mobile tankers as in when required

List of Staff Members

Sl No Name Designation Contact Number Area
1 J.B.Lyngdoh Superintendent 9863024481
2 W.M.Lyngdoh Water Works Inspector 9089021677 Jaiaw Laitdom,Upper and Lower Lansonalane,Jaiaw Lumpyllon, Jaiaw Pdeng, Jaiaw Langsning, Qualapaty, Lama Villa,Dymmiew,Wahthapbru, Iewduh, Sunny Hill, Mission Compound, Lumdiengjri, Mawkhar,Umsohsun, Riatsamthiah, Wahingdoh, Lower Mawprem, Lum Kshaid, Upper Mawprem, Nongsohphoh(Naspati Gari), Mawbah(Barapathar) and Sweeper Lane
3 Gordon M. Lyngdoh Water Works Inspector 9774656381 New Colony, Demseingiong, Don Bosco, Upland Road, Main Road, Lummawrie, Nongrimmaw, Nongkynrih, Nongrim Road, Lumsohra, Nongrimbah, Jiengkieng, Gora Line and Baghakul
4 J.Marbaniang Water Works Inspector 9862215058 Upper and Lower Lumparing, Madan Laban, Kynjat Phutbol and Laban
5 A.Kharbani Water Works Inspector 9862215058 Bishnupur(Lumshatsngi),Kench’s Trace, Oxford Hills and Rilbong
6   Water Works Inspector   EUROPEAN WARD :- Upper and Lower Lachumiere, Bivar Road, Bishop Cotton Road, Jail Road, Thana Road, Quinton Road, Keating Road, Oakland , Police Bazar, G.S Road, Polo Bazar, Forest Colony and Nongmali Mawlai III, Upper and Lower Malki,