Sl No Name of the Official Designation Phone
1. Smti F. Saio Assessment Supervisor 2224850
2. Smti L. Rangad U.D.A -do-
3. Smti A. Pyrtuh L.D.A -do-
4. Smti D. Surong L.D.A -do-
5. Shri S. Kharhunai L.D.A -do-

Objective & Function of the Department :

1. Maintain records of Holdings & respective Taxes as well as the Demand Register for all wards under Shillong Municipality
2. Processing of Holding Tax & Service of Demand Bills.
3. Processing of application for mutation/Apportionment of Holdings.

Different types of Taxes :

1. House Tax.
2. Sanitation Tax.
3 .Water Tax.
4. Lighting Tax.