The collection department is the backbone of the Shillong Municipal Board. The main objective is to generate income for the Board. After the calculation of taxes by the Assessment Department, the Collection Department prepares the Bill and sends it to the holder or taxpayer. The Bill includes the previous balance, if any. It also includes penalty in case of late payment. The process of Tax Collection involves the collection of all types of taxes, administration fee, composition fee, mutation fee etc. It also receives information from other departments as License Department, Water Works Department of SMB etc.

Yearly collection made by the Department

2010-2011 Rs.404,045,852.00

List of Staff members

Sl.No Name Designation Phone Number
1 Smti A. Kyndiah Collection Inspector 9436704032
2 Smti D. Mawlong Collection Inspector II 9863090163
3 Shri F. Mylliemngap Collection Supervisor 9863315558
4 Shri D. Nongkynrih Asstt Cashier  
5 Smti G. Jyrwa Tax Collector 9774665372
6 Smti P. Kalita Tax Collector 9436163702
7 Smti C. Pyrbot Tax Collector 9402197834
8 Shri Wonderland Nongsiej Mazdoor  
9 Shri Nicholas Jyrwa Peon 9863071336
10 Shri Ruby Jarain U.D.A. 9863936008
11 Shri Dulon Das Peon 9612711487
12 Shri Dambar Sunar Duftry 8794942738